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Choose Your Four Legged Friend


We are a close-knit team of passionate animal lovers

We at Jewels Global believe that pets are family.

We have been in the pet food industry for the past decade and have been manufacturing high-quality, optimum health and delicious dog food, cat food that meet international standards.

Most importantly, our products are manufactured keeping in mind the physical and mental needs of your pets. Backed by vast experience, knowledge along with in-depth research and development, we have painstakingly perfected our formulas to entice even the finicky eater.

Our Mission & Aim

To raise the standard of pet diet nutrition, making the food you buy for your loved companion even better.

Extraordinary Experiences

Our products are made using the finest ingredients we can find and formulated to be the healthiest, most effective pet food available. We want to make sure that every pet gets the healthiest, best quality nutrition possible – at an affordable price for every budget.

Our Core Values

We run our business on these values to make sure that we never lose sight of what is most important.

Discover The Best Of Us

Our enthusiasm for creating delicious, nutritious food for pets has been shared over the years by our nutritionists and veterinarians, and by the many Jewels Global staff members who have helped turn good ingredients into wonderful pet food.





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