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Trust in Jewels Pet, your dedicated pet food specialist, to provide tailored nutrition solutions and expert guidance, ensuring your furry companion’s optimal health and happiness.

CEO MEssage

“Jewels Pet must evolve to stay ahead of the rapid changes in the global market. We at Jewels Pet are preparing to revolutionize our business portfolio to achieve sustainable growth. Building relationships through honest communication and providing outstanding service is as important as the projects we manage.

Our services are enacted with purpose, quality and durability. We create to serve people and enhance life while maintaining long-term relationships with our customers, sub-contractors and employees. And when your project is complete, we will stand next to you, helping you plan for your future.

In 2021, Jewels Pet drove profitable growth throughout the year with a strategic framework that we are confident will keep our company growing for years. Our reputation in the industry is based upon the dedication, excellence and professionalism of our highly skilled team, and we invite you to learn about us and our superb facilities.”

Founder / CEO

deliver the best nutrients for the growth and wellness

our story

Incorporated in Malaysia in 2020 with paid-up capital of RM200,100.00 A company registered with SME CORP with PMKS status. Jewels Global (M) Sdn Bhd, or “Jewels Pet”, is the sole exclusive distributor of Qute Cat Food & D’real Taste Dog for Malaysia and the rest of the world.

Jewels Pet is a result of scientific formulation and methodical passion. We have long been nurturing our furfriends as families and lifelong companions, and thus saw the need for their sustainable diet that was nourishing, tasty and certainly eco-nomical. Just like you, we believe we know our furfriends best and want the absolute best for them. We want them to enjoy their meals that were suitable for them to ingest and to digest.

As a result, we created D’Real and Qute Cats with superior ingredients that deliver the best nutrients for the growth and wellness of our beloved furfriends.

Jewels Pet is currently a fast growing pet food choice among pet lovers in Malaysia and neighbouring countries. While we expand our services, our quality assurance upholds that all Jewels Pet products remain steadfast to the principle to produce pet food which are appetising and palatable for our furfamilies. When our canine pals wag their tails with joy and our feline friends purr in satisfaction, we are also content knowing we have provided them with the best nourishment that is both tasty and healthy.

Our Mission

At Jewels Pet, our mission is to provide pets with nourishing, wholesome, and delicious food that supports their overall health and happiness. We believe that every pet deserves the best nutrition, and we are dedicated to helping pet owners make informed choices for their beloved furry friends.

Our Values

Our endeavours are streamlined to ensure we remain inspired and empowered to deliver the best to our customers and furfriends at all times.

Integrity - We strive for optimal nutrition in pet diet

Innovation - We create delicious pet food

Compassion - We nurture pets as family

Made by Pet Lovers for Pet Lovers

our services

At Jewels Pet, we endeavour to bring wholesome and appetizing meals to your furfamily. This aspiration and passion has led our team of animal lovers to ensure Jewels Pet only dishes out delicious pet food that contain optimal nutrition. Backed by meticulous research & development (R&D), we have perfected our formulae to ensure Jewels Pet’s kibbles continue to appeal to the diverse palates of our furfriends.

We also adhere to good industry practice and continue collaborating with the network of pet food providers to maintain the highest standard in our products.